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Month: August 2011

How to be forgetful…the Franciscan way

In his recent article “The Rugged Altruists,” N.Y. Times op-ed columnist David Brooks discusses three virtues that American individuals must possess in order to better create successful impacts (from the point of view of the recipients) upon communities around the world that are disadvantaged in areas like education, economic prosperity, and health. Brooks extols personal…

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A Year at FMS: One Volunteer’s Reflection

Domestic Volunteer Susie Zagar, who began working at FMS in July 2011, reflects her year of service at Franciscan Mission Service. Planting a prayer in the garden during our Peace Pole Event in August 2010. It is hard to believe that a year could go by so fast, yet it is already August 2011, just…

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Becoming a Sacred Flame: The Franciscan Federation Conference

This past July our Program Director Rhegan Hyypio traveled to Milwaukee, WI to attend the Annual Franciscan Federation Conference, which brought together Franciscans from all over the United States to embrace the Gospel and examine how St. Francis and St. Clare drew specifically on the Gospel of John in how they carried out their daily…

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