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Month: May 2012

Finding God in “thin places”

“Thin places,” says New York Times writer Eric Weiner, are “locales where the distance between heaven and earth collapses and we’re able to catch glimpses of the divine, or the transcendent.” These places can confuse, disorient, relax and redirect us. They can be traditionally sacred places like a church, or wild and untamed like a…

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Mission and Motherhood: Growing in God

Patty Sollmann, returned missioner and mother of three “I compare my mission experience to motherhood, and the impact that motherhood has on one’s life,” says Patty Sollmann, who served in Guatemala from 1992 to 1994 as part of FMS’ second lay mission class. “Both have stretched me and challenged me to embrace God’s plan of…

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Mission Monday: Book signing in Zambia

Fr. Joseph Mutemena, OFM Conv., talks to Sandra Bradford’s English class about his book and becoming a priest. When missioner Sandra Bradford taught the creative writing unit to her St. Francis Secondary School’s 11th grade English class in Zambia, she decided to use an example from the community.  “The Beasts of Ghosts Town” is about…

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