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The Shared World

The Shared World: 2014 Holiday Blog Series

This season, we celebrate with great joy the story of Jesus’ birth. In this humble and loving act, we see the ultimate example of a missioner. He came to share in our humanity. He came to build a personal relationship with each of us. Just as Jesus crossed the great boundary of heaven and earth to…

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Lessons in Sainthood

I chose St. Cecilia as my confirmation saint when I was only thirteen years old.  I can’t remember what drew me to her, but I know I didn’t recognize the significance of her martyrdom at my young age. Church Tradition tells us that St. Cecilia was a noblewoman whose parents arranged her marriage to a…

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Welcome, Nate!

Join Franciscan Mission Service in extending a warm welcome to the newest member of our Nonprofit Leadership Program, Staff Writer Nate Marsh! Nate finds his way to Franciscan Mission Service through a desire to make an impact on the world around him. “I wanted to do something bigger than myself,” he said. “Most people go…

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Lessons from a Shirt Store

I have spent many years teaching English as a Second Language in foreign countries. In my travels, I was witness to poverty rare to the US and felt a higher power calling me to do whatever I can to support the marginalized in this world. This is how I have found myself as a lay…

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Staying thankful – and healthy – on mission

This post is about my health. Now before you get all squeamish, even though this is regarding the stomach and all sordid details, I promise to leave out the gross ones. It starts with amoebas. Yes, they are little creatures living in your stomach, but I assure you that this is not the gross part.…

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All Soul’s Day in Bolivia

Editor’s Note: Nate shares his thoughts and photos. Last weekend was All Souls’ Day. It was a beautiful holiday, and Mary and I got to see quite a bit of local culture. During this weekend people here make bread called TantaWawas. It can be translated to tons of babies. Wawa is a Quechua word for baby. They…

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The (Not So) Joy of Cooking

I can’t cook. In theory, I am capable of cooking. I can physically put the soup in the pot, but I find it’s always a chore. There is no passion or joy in it for me. I am blessed to have grown up in a family where both of my parents are not only good…

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An Invitation to Change

Last weekend I was able to witness the past, present and future of the Catholic Church. On Saturday I attended the USCMA conference in Arlington, Virginia, where I was surrounded by hundreds of years of mission experience from all over the world. It was a humbling situation to have the opportunity to listen and share with…

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