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Serving Children Safely and Effectively

Editor’s note: Missioner Tim Shelgren reflects on maintaining healthy boundaries with youth who long for love and affection.  As a missioner serving children over the past eighteen months, I have been introduced to a very real problem. Not only in Jamaica, but also in America and around the world, child abuse has become a common…

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Seek His Face

Editor’s Note: Missioner Becky Kreidler reflects on the challenges of maintaining an authentic prayer life when faced with the unknowns and unexpected turns of life. Sometimes the side-effects of being labeled as a missioner cause me to chuckle. Based on people’s frequent comments, it seems they often think I am some saintly figure and that…

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In the Midst of God’s Grace

Editor’s Note: DC Service Corps volunteer, Nadia Barnett reflects on God’s grace that is often revealed through the present moment. I live my life in the midst of God’s grace. We all do. It’s not always apparent, but it is always present. This time of service has taught me many lessons about God, my faith,…

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Providential Curveballs

Editor’s Note: DC Service Corps volunteer, Amy Brandt reflects on the unexpected ways a year of service with FMS has provided growth. “Jesus, just provide.” A frequent prayer of mine that is often laced with expectations. I often question the providence of our creator. As if God hasn’t carried me to safety and joy countless…

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If These Walls Could Talk

Editor’s Note: After living in the Casa San Salvador for three years, Amanda Saunders reflects on the gifts and lessons received through living alongside many FMS volunteers, missioners, and guests. As her time as House Manager comes to an end, Franciscan Mission Service extends our gratitude towards Amanda for her service and dedication over the…

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My American Penance and Reconciliation

Editor’s Note: Lifelong missioner, Janice Smullen describes how her way of thinking continues to shift as she learns more about the history of the United States and ways she can live out a journey of reconciliation after returning from mission in Jamaica. I have to admit that I am not a regular attendee of weekly…

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