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Month: August 2020

Goretticisms: Joys Learned with a Tiny, Elder Sister

Editor’s note: In this blog, missioner Megan Hamilton welcomes readers into one of her ministries in Kingston, Jamaica, where she lives with the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany in their convent. As Megan reflects on the enduring personalities of the sisters in the infirmary, she invites readers to consider how other important things endure, even when…

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Walking Together as Children of God

              The world is filled with countless good, loving, caring, and compassionate people.  Yet today, many of these wonderful people face reprehensible and unjust suffering at the hands of their fellow human brothers and sisters.   For black lives in America, the suffering has gone on far too long, in countless and immeasurable ways.  Ways in…

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Awaken Your Emotions

Upon returning home from Bolivia, I jumped on an opportunity to facilitate a mission trip with another organization.  During the last week of July, I was privileged to serve alongside teenagers at some pretty awesome service sites.  Not only did we serve in the community, but we also took time to process the trip together. …

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