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Month: May 2021

A Peek into my Thought Process

Editor’s Note: DCSC volunteer Madeline McKissick shares her experience from a recent Formation Session, reflecting on her time thus far within the program. She welcomes the pause that comes with stopping and recognizing the moments that have formed her into who she is.  Every week, DC Service Corps attends a Tuesday session where we gain…

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On Decision-Making Circles

Editor’s Note: DCSC volunteer Fede Wettstein ponders the impactful reality of one’s decision-making bubble brought about from our DCSC Formational reading, “The Defining Decade.” On Tuesday afternoons, we have Franciscan Formation sessions with DC Service Corps. Throughout the year, these sessions have taken the form of discussions, workshops, or presentations with topics ranging from spirituality…

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The Graces of Change

Editor’s Note: DCSC volunteer Emily Dold discusses the impact of change through the experiences of Casa changes as well as her role within the Father McKenna Center shifting.  Have you ever felt as though a homily was meant just for you? Or, more likely, that God wanted you to hear the homily’s contents? The Easter…

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