2019 Anselm Moons Award Recipients: Jeff and Teresa Redder, OFS

What does being “side by side in the vineyard” look like for Jeff and Teresa Redder, OFS?  Well, for starters, it looks like a marriage of 43 years.  It looks like raising four children and helping raise six grandchildren.  It looks like having served in the United States Airforce in aircraft maintenance and logistics.

For some, walking side by side in these ways would be enough to fill the hours of the day—and then some.  But Jeff and Teresa are people who long for more. They have a passion for service, community, and prayer that drew them to become professed members of the Secular Franciscan Order 27 years ago, on Jeff’s birthday!  

As members of the Holy Assumption Fraternity in the St. Katharine Drexel Region, Jeff and Teresa have shared the Franciscan spirit through their ministries in diverse settings.  Jeff has taught 8th grade confirmation classes 35 years and serves as fraternity Minister.  Teresa has been a prison minister at the men’s county jail for 21 years and is the fraternity’s Formation Director.  Both are lifelong scouting leaders, serve on their parish’s RCIA team, and visit Jamaica annually for a medical mission in Kingston, where they have met several FMS missioners.

So how did Jeff and Teresa get to know FMS? Through none other than former FMS Executive Director, Fr. Joe Nangle!  After attending Fr. Joe’s breakout session at the Secular Franciscan National Quinquennial Congress in 1997, Jeff and Teresa helped make FMS one of the key apostolates of their fraternity. From praying for FMS to remembering missioner birthdays, and from contributing to missioner support-raising to sponsoring annual event tables for young adults, Jeff and Teresa are an integral part of the life of FMS, and we are thrilled to honor them with this year’s Anselm Moons Award.

Congratulations, and thank you for all the ways you minister to God’s people, including those that minister to other through service with FMS!