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Annemarie Barrett served as a missioner in Cochabamba, Bolivia, from 2013-2016. Now living in Bolivia permanently, Annemarie is devoting more time to her art as a way to continue her commitment to advocacy and solidarity.

When some people think of “Franciscan art,” the many portraits depicting St. Francis of Assisi may come to mind. But for Annemarie, Annemarie’s art is her way of living a Franciscan life.  

“The most important lesson I learned during my time with FMS was that every single day we are called to see reality from the perspective of those most poor and marginalized among us.”

For this reason, Annemarie often chooses to juxtapose images with words as a way of bringing those who have been rendered silent or invisible into the center of the viewer’s vision.

Selling prints of her art is how Annemarie hopes to sustain herself in this immediate transition from living and serving as an FMS lay missioner for the past four years. She has hopes of purchasing a small plot of land with her partner outside of the city of Cochabamba to begin farming more intensively. Creating art and farming are how Annemarie envisions continuing to serve and grow in solidarity with her community. Each print she sells will be a direct contribution to the start up funds she needs to make that vision a reality.

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