Washington, DC

Last updated June 24, 2020


Our DC Service Corps volunteers have transitioned to working remotely due to quarantine regulations. Many have returned home while 4 remain in our FMS housing in Washington, DC. Our Fr. Mckenna Center volunteers continue serving at their site which has become a designated community food hub. 

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Lessons From A Mandatory Retreat

Editor’s note: DC Service Corps member, Julia reflects on the changes brought about by this pandemic and the insights she’s found along the way.  It has taken me six weeks to adjust to the changes […]


The Song of the Soul

Editor’s note: DCSC volunteer Hannah reflects on how the birds of Michigan remind her of peace and love in times of unrest in our world.  Amidst the stillness of looking out my window, I have […]


The Comfort of Art

Editor’s note: DCSC volunteer Kate Keeley reflects on the ways art has brought her comfort during these hard times and shares a poem by one of her favorite poets.  In the midst of the pandemic, […]


Dark Hours to May Flowers

Editor’s note: DC Service Corps volunteer Megan reflects on these uncertain, vulnerable times through her own experiences quarantined in New York.  These past few weeks have not been easy. Lately, the weight of the world feels […]


Learning to Accept God’s Gift

Editor’s note: Marina Jerry, a DC Service Corps volunteer serving at Don Bosco Cristo Rey High School, reflects on the process of adjusting to a new place and giving God space to reveal small joys […]


Trusting In God’s Tomorrow

Editor’s note: DCSC volunteer Michael Broughton reflects on the ways trusting in God’s plan has brought him to FMS, along with new experiences, friends and passions for helping those in need. Hello! Since the last […]