Last updated March 8, 2021


Our missioners are currently serving at various ministry sites due to quarantine regulations, and continue to share blogs and practice community building with one another. Missioner Hannah Hagarty has returned to teaching in Jamaica after quarantining at home with her family. Missioner Megan Hamilton continues her AA ministry while also serving the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany. 

“Though movement is restricted, I feel a sense of freedom. After all, my being here started with freedom of choice. Unlike many volunteer programs that, due to a variety of factors, made blanket decisions to bring overseas volunteers back to the United States, the organization with which I’m affiliated is small and its staff was able to continue supporting volunteers whether they remained overseas or returned home.” –Article based on the experiences of Megan Hamilton (FMS missioner serving in Jamaica)

We’re grateful Hannah could return to Jamaica after spending some time in lock-down back in the U.S. Enjoy some footage from her time back at home: 

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Day 20: Humility

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