U.S.-Mexico Border

Last updated March 8, 2021 


We welcomed Rhonda Eckerman to our new mission site earlier this January. She has already quarantined and is on her way to start ministry work soon.

As with so many other times in my life, I feel the Holy Spirit bringing me a sense of comfort and peace through this transition. I know I can rely on God’s presence and direction as I begin this new life on the US-Mexico border.Rhonda Eckerman, FMS missioner serving at the U.S.-Mexico Border

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from our missioner at the U.S.-Mexico Border:


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Lenten Litany: Prayer for Migrants

Editor’s Note: As we enter into the sacred season of Lent, our Overseas Lay Missioners and DC Service Corps volunteers will be compiling a Lenten Litany, each writing a one-line prayer close to their hearts. […]