FMS partners with the OFM Franciscans of the Immaculate Conception Province (New York) who run Valley of the Angels, an orphanage outside of Guatemala City. Founded by Fr. Rocco Famiglietti in 1988 to serve the children who were abandoned or orphaned, Valley of the Angels has since expanded to provide children in poverty with housing, meals, clothing, and schooling. Over 200 students ages 6 through 18, who are from 16 of the 23 departments in Guatemala, live at Valley of the Angels.  Many of the kids arrive malnourished and come from abusive homes, violent neighborhoods, or from families who simply are not able to provide for them.

Valley of the Angels is more than just a boarding school that provides basic necessities for the kids – children gain a loving family and a nurturing home. Fr. Rocco left a legacy of love and had the motto of “give the best to the poor.” Valley of the Angels seeks to affirm the dignity of the children and to give them the two greatest gifts: roots and wings. With a solid education and a Catholic foundation, the hope is that the children will graduate from Valley of the Angels, ready to become leaders in their home communities and live Christ-centered lives.

School-Based Ministries:

  • Teaching English classes
  • Tutoring in a range of subjects
  • Leading spiritual formation and campus ministry activities
  • Helping with extracurricular activities including: art, theater, music, and physical education
  • Assisting with the student-run bakery
  • Helping the children take care of the campus garden
  • Caring for the children outside of classes and serving as a role model
  • Hosting short-term trip groups at Valley of the Angels
  • Assisting with home and community visits