FMS is in partnership with the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany, who live in Kingston, Jamaica.  The sisters have been present in Jamaica since 1857 and they founded the following institutions: St. Joseph’s Teachers’ College, Immaculate Conception High School and Prep School, St. Francis Primary and Infant School, Alvernia Prep School and St. Aloysius Primary School.  Each school is Catholic and the schools’ curricula include sharing the Franciscan spirituality and values with the students.

School-Based Ministries:

  • Helping lead different reflections and activities through campus ministry
  • Remedial support in reading and math
  • Tutoring students in a range of different subjects
  • Helping teach art, music, theater and/or physical education
  • Assisting the guidance counselor with different workshops and small group sessions focused on behavioral management, conflict resolution and peace-building.

Community-Based Ministries:

  • Accompanying the local parish group to minister in city prisons
  • Helping to serve food and greet guests at the parish soup kitchen
  • Distributing food to people living on the streets
  • Visiting children in the local orphanage
  • Providing care to children with disabilities
  • Helping provide meaningful work, education and enrichment activities to young adults serving at a rural farm