Build intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and physical awareness of the root causes and realities of poverty in the United States and work with local agencies that serve those in poverty through a Short-Term Mission and Global Awareness Trip to Washington, DC.

This trip is particularly designed to be an alternative spring break experience for college students, but works for other groups as well.

The program’s agenda is structured as stepping stones and can include:

  • Walking tour of DC from the poorest areas of town to the wealthiest
  • Direct service experiences, such as visiting those in hospice care and sorting food at a food bank
  • Workshops tailored to fit the specific interests of the group
  • Daily prayer and facilitated reflection

View Trip Overview and Sample Trip Itinerary (PDF)

Comments from previous trip participants about how they’ve benefited from their Short-Term Mission and Global Awareness experience:

“My overall impression of the trip is powerful, inspiring, and diverse. I liked that we went to different organizations and did a variety of service; all still based and rooted from the theme of Franciscan values.”

“I am already in service at home, but this trip opened up my eyes to unique ways to provide service. It also taught me ways to empower the people I work with; the importance of presence of ministry; and how you can come to see and appreciate God’s light through our work and the people we meet.”

“This trip allowed me to fully immerse myself in the culture and put a face to the social issues that our nation faces. This trip increased my spirituality and awareness of healthcare for immigrants and the homeless population.”

“I definitely grew as a person by being on this trip and engaging in the opportunities provided by FMS. I learned not only about myself, but also about how poverty and homelessness affect access to needs such as healthcare. My perspective was changed and my heart was opened throughout this trip. I will always be thankful for the positive impact this experience had on my life and outlook.”

“Through my journey with FMS I have found a purpose in the life I have been blessed with and it entails giving back to those in need. Plus seeing everyone as an equal, a brother or sister in Christ.”

“One meaningful experience happened during prayer: I truly was at peace in my relationship with God.”


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