Greetings from all of us at FMS!

We hope this Summer Appeal finds you and your loved ones as nourished as possible. While we celebrate a time of gradual opening, we are also aware that there is still much pandemic-induced suffering and that the blooming is not equitably distributed in our world.

Yet flowers are indeed blooming. A year ago, I reflected with many of you on what FMS’ ministry of presence looks like during a time in which our physical presence with one another is limited, and one year later I am so proud of this Franciscan family of ours. We remain connected as the Body of Christ; amid online masses, remote Discernment Days, and regular staff prayer in which we pray for each of you, we do not stand alone. We still find sacredness in the present moment; FMS welcomed a Casa full of 15 individuals this fall who affirmatively responded to the call to mission. Amid commitment to ministry sites, delicious dinners, murder mystery parties, and solemn spirituality nights, this has been a year of mission, laughter, and reflection. We still stand in solidarity with the most vulnerable; FMS missioners and volunteers overwhelmingly chose to remain at their ministry sites in the midst of the pandemic. We still celebrate with joy the many gifts in life and mourn with those who are suffering and grieving. We still walk in community with one another; FMS was one of the only programs to run a full in-person Formation and continue supporting overseas mission during the pandemic.

Thank you for your generous support to FMS that makes this life-giving, transformational mission possible. We couldn’t do it without you, and I ask you to continue to join us with your spiritual and financial support.


Join us in reaching our $30,000 Appeal Goal! 



DC Service Corps Closing Mass

Date: Tuesday, July 27th, 6pm EDT

RSVP here to attend Mass or the following potluck in-person.

Join us in sending off our most recent class of DC Service Corps volunteers with a closing Mass, celebrated at St. Camillus Catholic Church in Silver Spring Maryland. To be followed by a community potluck. 



Brotherly Baking: Reflections on Franciscan Hospitality with Br. Andrew, winner of the Great American Baking Show

Date: Thursday, July 8th @ 7pm EDT



Discussion with Fr. Murray Bodo, OFM

Audio Recording from Wednesday, June 9, 2021



Franciscan Friar Murray Bodo will introduce his new book, Nourishing Love: A Franciscan Celebration of Mary, whose title comes from St. Francis of Assisi’s admonition to his brothers that they should love one another as a mother loves and nourishes her child. And for St. Francis the model mother is the mother of Jesus to whom he dedicated his order under the title of, St. Mary of the Angels.

The book is divided into three sections — Meditations, Poems, and Reflections — three different genres that introduce the reader to 1) a Franciscan way of meditating on the events in Scripture, 2) the author’s own poems that illustrate the power of the imagination to “know” Mary by means of poetry’s unique way of knowing through the use of the five senses, and 3) reflections that explain Mary’s role in Franciscan theology, especially in the Incarnational theology of the Medieval Franciscan philosopher and theologian, Blessed John Duns Scotus.

Father Murray will also speak about his own re-discovery of Mary and of Gabriel’s importance as the first messenger (missionary) sent by the Trinity with the astounding Good News of the Incarnation of God.



Take a look at our Spiritual Bouquet Booklet made for this Summer Appeal.