Each fall, a new group of mission candidates come to train with us in Washington, D.C. This time of formation is essential in preparing their next two to six years of working for peace and justice abroad.

The three months are packed with workshops, lectures, paper work, homework, retreats, prayer, reflection, volunteering, community bonding, and simple living. They’re examining who they are and what God is calling them to. They’re preparing to travel to a totally new place to live and serve in solidarity with the poor. They’re saying goodbye to friends and family.

Your prayers can help them during this time of transition. Be a part of the mission by becoming a part of the Missioner Prayer Community.

How it works:

  1. Take the pledge by signing up below.
  2. Pray for our new missioners during their training (late August to mid November) in Washington, D.C.
  3. Your name and intentions are recorded in our Mission Prayer Community book and placed in our chapel. Our missioners will pray for you during their daily prayers and weekly Mass.

You can sign up as an individual, or as a family, fraternity, parish, class, or community.