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Encountering God in a Text Message

Photo by Ian Iott

Board member Jack McHale shares how he encountered God in a text message.

I was in church earlier this fall when my cell phone buzzed. It was a text from my friend who works at a hospital.

Her text read as follows: “My sweet little boy earned his angel wings. He passed away this morning. I was at his bedside throughout. It is an amazing story.”

I saw my friend a few days after Sunday and she told me that “her” little boy Oscar had been in a coma for several days before Sunday morning. That Sunday, my friend, along with the lay chaplain and Oscar’s parents were at his bedside when Oscar opened his eyes, smiled and looked at my friend nd said, waving his hand, “Bye, bye.”

He then turned to the chaplain and said and did the same thing before giving his Mom and Dad a hug as they lay in bed with him. My friend then described to me that she could see Oscar’s spirit leave his physical body and lift to heaven.

As I write this reflection, I have tears in my eyes, thinking about Oscar and his family. However, they are tears mixed with sorrow for his family as well as with joy and hope as we have a God who is so present to us as He waits for all of us to join Oscar in everlasting life.

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