FMS overseas lay missioners and DC Service Corps volunteers are committed not just to a year or more of service in DC or several years of overseas mission, but to a lifetime of living out faith, peace, and justice in the Franciscan tradition. The photo above shows the gathering of alumni at a  Commissioning Mass. Their commitment to live out their call to mission goes well beyond their time with FMS, and how each missioner and DC Service Corps volunteer does so looks different for each person. 

Explore the different sections within our Lifelong Mission:

Lifelong Mission Committee 

Learn more about the happenings, goals, and members of FMS’ Lifelong Mission Committee. Made up of FMS alumni, this committee meets to pour back into this community. Read more and contact the Committee here. 

DCSC Community Stories

Get a glimpse into volunteer life! Hear from some of our former DCSC volunteers about their time and experience throughout their program year.  

FMS Gallery

Explore the various artistic talents within this FMS community. Learn more about the artists, their experience with FMS, and how they respond to this call to creativity.