These FAQs can help you learn more about our full-time overseas lay mission program.

What is Franciscan Mission Service’s approach to ministry and mission?
What values define mission and service with Franciscan Mission Service?
What are the pillars of community life with Franciscan Mission Service?
What makes overseas mission with FMS unique?
In what kind of ministries do FMS missioners engage?
What backgrounds do FMS missioners have?
What is the average age of an FMS missioner?
How are ministries and placement countries determined? Do I have a say in where I go? Who chooses where I will serve?
How much does mission with your organization cost? Will I need to fundraise?
Do I need to speak another language (besides English)?
What is the living arrangement for missioners overseas?
What are the financial arrangements during the term of service?
What about vacation time? Can I travel home during my time of service?
Can I defer my student loans while on mission?