Missioners in formation spend three month in intensive preparation for mission at our training facility which is located in the Northeast section of Washington, DC. Although no formation program could fully prepare anyone for every aspect of life oversees, FMS offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to expose missioners in formation to a wide variety of relevant topics and practical concerns in hopes that each individual will develop the tools necessary to succeed in their life and ministry while on mission.

Below are some of the main themes covered in our formation program:

1. Weekly scripture course with an emphasis on mission

2. Weekly sharing and pastoral theological reflection

3. A three part seminar on Catholic Social Teaching

4. A seminar on conflict resolution

5. A seminar on non-violence

6. A seminar on social analysis

7. Workshops on advocacy and methods to work for social justice

8. A workshop examining power and privilege, especially as it relates to service

9. An examination of approaches to service

10. Collaborative training seminars with other lay-mission programs on topics such as: trauma, grief, and cultural shock; globalization; health and safety planning.

Our formation program is also a time of “mutual discernment” for missioners and FMS. It is the final period of discernment, when either the missioner in formation or FMS can decide that mission is not an appropriate fit for the missioner in formation.

Franciscan Tradition
Language Study
Reality of Cross Cultural Living
Personal Growth and Spiritual Development
Community Living
Weekly Ministry
Practical Concerns