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Being a Missionary in a Distracted World, Abroad and at Home


Last fall, FMS was invited to present at a Theology on Tap event for young adults, hosted by the the Diocese of Arlington at the Auld Shebeen pub in Fairfax.  As part of the evening’s program of faith formation and fellowship, Meghan Meros, Associate Director of Programs and Operations, DC Service Corps volunteers, and Amanda Ceraldi, lay missioner in Guatemala, shared their perspectives on “Being a Missionary in a Distracted World, Abroad and at Home.”  Recording provided through the courtesy of the Diocese of Arlington

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DC Service Corps members Madonna Enwe, Chase Medelberg, Ali Sentmanat, and Missioner Amanda Ceraldi share about their experiences serving at FMS.

Meghan is grateful that her position allows her to serve in an office setting that incorporates her love for mission and her strong ties to Latin America. Among her various duties, Meghan serves as the day-to-day operations leader, leads/co-leads short-term domestic and international trips, engages in international field evaluation through site visits, helps coordinate the Returned Missioner program, and cultivates the values of FMS within the organization.

Meghan first heard about FMS in 2011 when she met FMS missioner Nora Pfieffer while Meghan was volunteering in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Meghan received her undergraduate degree at Goucher College where she majored in Spanish and English. After graduation, she received her masters in the Spanish: Latin American studies program at American University. Meghan was a Spanish teacher for a few years and has also led trips abroad for high school students to Peru and Ecuador. These experiences allowed her to engage her love for teaching outside the traditional classroom setting where she could empower her students to broaden their minds and their understanding of the world.

Originally from Thousand Oaks, California, Meghan has lived in the DC area since 2006. Before coming to FMS, Meghan worked for the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) as a Management and Program Analyst.