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Praying With a Wild Heart

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Editor’s Note: DC Service Corps volunteer, Nayeli Garcia, reflects on the ongoing challenge of prayer and how a new approach inspired by St. Francis is helping her dive deeper in relationship with God.

I’m not going to lie, blog writing is not easy. However, this blog was easier to write since it is about something that everyone struggles with: taking on challenges. Don’t get me wrong, I am the type of girl who likes to take on challenges and fight through them, but no one is perfect.

Just like any person, I set goals for myself. Not only have I been able to commit myself to live in community and to continue to do my job at the McKenna Center, but I also desire to deepen my relationship with God. I did not know how I was going to do that or how I wanted Him to reveal Himself to me. As I started my year of service, I completely forgot about this goal and continued to live my life. It wasn’t until the DC Service Corps Winter Retreat where I was given the opportunity for personal prayer. Prayer has always been a part of my life, but I tend to turn to prayer when I am going through difficult times or when I’m seeking comfort.

During the retreat, I struggled to find something to pray for or even reflect on, so I grab a book and started reading it.The book that I chose to read was about St. Francis. The book talked about how St. Francis turned to prayer, asking God what He is called him to do. God was able to reveal Himself to St. Francis because he was seeking the truth with a “wild heart.” As I continued to read, I was in awe of what it meant to live with a wild heart and how a wild heart allows us to know and see the truth. As the retreat continued, I found it much easier to go into prayer and to allow myself to not solely focus on the negativity or the struggles, but to let God lead me to what He wants me to focus on.

No one is perfect. My prayer life is an ongoing project and I continue to challenge myself to pray whenever I have the chance. This Lenten season I hope to continue my prayer life and let God reveal Himself to me as I continue my time at FMS. Just like St. Francis, I hope that I can reveal myself to God, not only through the bad times, but as well through the good times.

What matters is that you do whatever it takes to stick to your goal. Even though I struggled with putting this blog into words, I pushed through. With the power of prayer, I know that I am not alone and all I have to do is Seek God with a wild heart.

Reflection Question: What are some challenges that you face during prayer? Are you able to pray to God with a wild heart?


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