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The Comfort of Art


Editor’s note: DCSC volunteer Kate Keeley reflects on the ways art has brought her comfort during these hard times and shares a poem by one of her favorite poets. 

In the midst of the pandemic, I left DC and came home to Salem, VA to be with my family during these hard times. It’s easy to feel discouraged, sad, and lonely right now. However, I have been finding a lot of comfort in different forms of art, whether it be painting, playing guitar, or reading. One of my favorite poets, Morgan Harper Nichols, wrote this poem that reminds me that it’s ok to not be totally fine right now. I hope you find comfort in it like I do:


If you feel overwhelmed

by the fragility of it all

and how everything

could change

whether or not

you have a say,

I hope you know

you are not alone

in feeling this way.


You are still within grace

where there is room to feel.

So feel.

Please feel.

Even if you do not know how

the wounds will heal.


You may not have answers

for this shakiness,

but this is also true:

you are not alone

in what you are going through.

Even if everyone else

seems calm and composed around you.


Turn to Light

and be reminded

you do not have to carry

these shadows

on your own.


You are allowed to have questions.

You are allowed to wonder why.

You are allowed to need peace

at morning


and midnight.


Take a deep breath

whenever you can.

May the exhale give you

the smallest, sweet release

amidst all you do not understand.


Reflection: Where have you found comfort during these trying times?


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