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Introducing Victoria Wangler: What Matters to Me

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Editor’s Note: The DC Service Corps class of 2021-2022 introduces themselves through personal reflection on what matters to them. FMS’ Development Associate, Victoria Wangler, shares the moments and experiences that matter to her through an original poem. 

The softness of a sunrise
cresting my childhood window.
      Blushing pinks and purples
      against those westward pines.
A gentleness in knowing
there will always be mornings like this.
      [and if not here, then in memory]

To be known
as beloved.
To be called by my name
in full form, in old comfort
and be embraced
exactly where I stand.
      Exactly as I have arrived.

The man on the corner
waving me past.
good morning       be safe       take your time
His window is up, mask affixed to his face,
but I still imagine the kindness of those words
as I hurry by.
      I raise my hand in thanks.
      God bless you

Good things that stay and stay,
crowding my life with their company.

Promises that are fulfilled
by love
      by God
         by spirit divine.

My body, a dear machine
bringing itself to wake every morning.
Settling under the covers every night.
      Painting dreams across my eyes
      and pulling me forward
      ever forward
            to the next.

Music, motion; mountains and muscle and
months-long days of sunlight.

Seaside towns and trailing skylines;
a phone call home. A quick embrace

just before the leaving. Just before
the wondering of when I will hold you again.

To be still.
To hold space inside my hands
and press them into my soul.
Touching the divine
that sleeps inside.
      Glimpsing the love
      that awaits us all.

The soft breathing
of my childhood dog.

The first taste of autumn
as it slips against my lips.

The end of the journey;
the crowning of the laurels.

      The next path opening
      like a midnight rose.

To have words
      for it all.
To pour the soul out
of the body
      and make peace
with the multiples that bless

me. Bless me, God, You have blessed me.

I kneel before Your love,
bending my body low
in the power of You.

When I close my eyes
quiet my mind
search through the crying and singing and wanting

You speak to me.

You say my name.

You call me beloved.

I am Your beloved.

I am Yours.

       Be mine, Oh God.

       Be mine forever.

Reflection Question: Where have you seen God’s blessings in your life this week?

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Hailing from the town of Honeoye Falls in Upstate New York, Victoria Wangler graduated from St. Bonaventure University in May 2021 with her Bachelor of Arts. Victoria double majored in Professional & Creative Writing and English Literature and minored in Marketing and Spanish. She is excited to grow her skills in donor relations, communication, and data organization during her year working as an office associate for Franciscan Mission Service. In her free time, Victoria enjoys reading, writing poetry, gardening, and cooking. She is looking forward to deepening her spirituality and faith as she lives and serves alongside her community members in the Casa this year.