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Day 10: Grace

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Editor’s Note: On this tenth day of our Advent blog series “Hidden Joys,” DC Service Corp volunteer Grace Kueber shares how God’s grace has been revealed to her while learning to navigate Washington, D.C.

A new environment keeps me unsteady

Relying on Google maps to tell me when I am ready.

To explore, 

Open the door

And commit to adventuring more. 


The gifts I’ve noticed looking up from my feet and phone.  

Opening my eyes to the grace of the unknown. 

For all the beauties of the day 

The array of wonders that God has at play. 


Fresh earthly tones pepper the air 

The wind’s gentleness caressed each strand of hair. 

Each morning, lightly dewy, the leaves glisten 

Signaling Winter’s incoming transition.  


As God repairs my turmoil and strife, 

I am able to know the warmth of my own life.

Each day finding a new aspect to embrace 

I am being held steady by God’s Grace


Prior to moving to D.C, I was able to aimlessly wander around Michigan, knowing where home was. It wasn’t always like that. I would run less than a mile from my home and have to call my parents to come to find me because I was lost. My sense of direction is quite a challenge for me. Once I moved to D.C, I had no faith in my ability to figure out the metro or the layout of the city, which seemed confusing for no rational reason. I spent most of my time outdoors, silently fuming at the architects of D.C.

I was hardly able to go five minutes without consulting Google to tell me exactly where I was. And when I finally felt comfortable enough to listen to music on the metro, it took a stop after Bethesda to realize I was going the wrong way. Thankfully, with the help of new friends and consistently making myself directionally uncomfortable, I am able to maneuver around the city. Sort of. 

Now, these outdoor adventures are my personal time with God. I am able to be present with His love and gifts. I notice beautiful passing moments daily that help me reconnect with a kinder side of myself. And I am thankful to be completely encapsulated by His Grace

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Grace Kueber is a recent business administration undergraduate from Alma College and is originally from Northville, Michigan. Grace is excited to join the DC Service Corps as a UNHCR volunteer and gain an understanding of what it means to be a pillar of support for refugees and their families. She is grateful for the opportunity to be surrounded by kind and virtuous people as she continues growing in her own spirituality and faith life. In her free time, she enjoys writing short stories, doing puzzles, and learning new hobbies.