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Goodness, Then and Now

Editor’s Note: DCSC volunteer Erin Brown enters this new year in contemplation of the word “good” and what that can look like. Inspired by Fr. Mike Schmitz’ “Bible in a Year” podcast, she reflects on this word from both the context of the Bible to her own life.  In the New Year, I have been…

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Millennial Lenten Reflections: All you need is love

Editor’s Note: The following is part of Millennial Lenten Reflections, a blog series in collaboration with Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good. Short reflections on the day’s readings, written by young adults from FMS and other organizations, will be posted everyday throughout Lent.  Joseph in his beautiful tunic is a familiar image from the Bible and…

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What’s In a Name?

 Pope Francis! Papa Francis! Holy Father Francis! For a few months now people have excitedly called out the name of our new Pope and in many different ways.  But no matter how you say it, it refers to the same person and the same mission they are to carry out for the rest of their…

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