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Something That Important

Editor’s note: Development Associate Sam Hardwick reflects on the example of sacrifice that Jesus provides for us on the cross and how it leads to forgiveness. It’s really hard to forgive. When someone has wronged you in some way, or has led you astray, or caused you grief, or done any number of things that…

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Jesus Commands Us To Love, Part 3: Transformation

Editor’s note: Missioner Janice Smullen shares her reflections on forgiveness and redemption. When I write “I will talk about my experience,” I only say that because my experience is all that I know. As you read, take what you like and leave the rest, but know that I share this with you because I am…

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Letting Go of the Past

Editor’s Note: President of the FMS Board of Directors Fr. Tom Washburn, OFM, reflects on the temptation to become so fixated and caught up in the past that we lose sight of the present and cannot move forward in our lives.  Every now and then, you come across a quotation, a thought, or a statement that…

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Comfort and Joy: Maranatha, Come Lord Jesus

Editor’s Note: As part of our “Comfort and Joy” Advent/Christmas blog series, DC Service Corps member Josh Maxey stresses the importance of God’s love and forgiveness.  Each year the church invites all the faithful to joyfully prepare our hearts and our minds for the celebration of the birth of the savior of the world. The holy…

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Comfort and Joy: Faith through Beauty

Editor’s Note: As part of our “Comfort and Joy” Advent/Christmas blog series, Michael Carlson, a former Communications Associate at Franciscan Mission Service, shares how he draws comfort through the times faith challenges him. Faith rarely makes me comfortable at all. I’m amused when people accuse religion, like Karl Marx did, of being an opiate, a fantasy distraction from reality.…

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Mission Monday: Reconciliation as Mission

Continuing our series Sacraments and Social Mission: Living the Gospel, Being Disciples, current missioner Valerie Ellis writes today about her faith’s relationship to the Sacrament of Reconciliation and her call to mission.  Every time I come out of confession, I feel completely cleansed and at peace. What a beautiful gift we have from God to go…

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