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Day 29: Right Judgement

Editor’s Note: Newly-commissioned Lay Missioner Jenny Tsui shares her journey of acquainting herself with the gift of Right Judgement. With being one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, she continues to see how He has been using this gift and working through her.  To preface this, I had to do a little research to…

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The Light of One: The Gift of Your Self

Continuing our Advent reflection series today on International Day for the Abolition of Slavery, we keep in mind that all relationships must be founded in dignity. Current Missioner Hady Mendez reflects on the affirming dignity she received during her relationship with her spiritual director. “I love my spiritual director!” Everyone has heard me say this…

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Mission Monday: Hospice Residents Celebrate Feast Day

Domestic Volunteers who staff the office at our headquarters are taking Wednesday afternoons to serve at various sites around the D.C. area.  Each volunteer is partnered with a non-profit and spending a few hours each week there through their service commitment at Franciscan Mission Service.  So far, volunteer Chelsea has had a festive experience at…

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