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Day 8: Mystery

Editor’s note: On this eighth day of our Advent blog series “His Light Would Not Go Out,” DC Service Corps alum Bekah Galucki finds a glimpse into the mystery of the Incarnation, when God became human, by rereading her prayer journal. The Trinity. Holiness. Faith. People. All of these (and many, many more) came to…

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Day 17: Process

Editor’s Note: Darleen Pryds is a professor history and spirituality at the Franciscan School of Theology in San Diego. She researches and writes on the role of lay women and men in the Franciscan tradition. In this blog, Darleen reflects on the prayerful process of preparing for the Incarnation and how it often nudges us…

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Love Blooms through the Incarnation

Editor’s Note: FMS Executive Director, Liz Hughes, reflects on the joy and love that can be found in the presence of God’s unfathomable love. Upon entering my brother’s home, it’s common for my 16-month old nephew, Benjamin, to squeal with delight and then hide behind the couch, eager to engage in our favorite game of…

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Merry Christmas!

Jesus is happy to come with us, as truth is happy to be spoken, as life to be lived, as light to be lit, as love is to be loved, as joy to be given, as peace to be spread. -St. Francis of Assisi Today we celebrate the birth of Jesus when he crossed the great…

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The Shared World

The Shared World: 2014 Holiday Blog Series

This season, we celebrate with great joy the story of Jesus’ birth. In this humble and loving act, we see the ultimate example of a missioner. He came to share in our humanity. He came to build a personal relationship with each of us. Just as Jesus crossed the great boundary of heaven and earth to…

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The Light of One: Preparing to be Overwhelmed

Continuing our reflection series, “The Light of One”, Communications Associate Michael Carlson writes about the spiritual strength of facing the reality of our own limitations. As a former high school teacher, the students I remember most clearly are the ones I still worry about. I’ll refer to this former student as “Hannah”, after the mother…

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Advent 2013: The Light of One

Today’s beginning of Advent coincides with World AIDS Day. The 2013 World AIDS Day theme is “Shared Responsibility”. As we learn the facts about HIV and put that knowledge into compassionate action, we also recommit to our shared responsibility this Advent. We return to the very source of our compassion: the Incarnation. “I want to…

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Francsican Friday: Humbleness of the Incarnation and the Goodness of God

In the last week of Advent the readings turn to the theme of the coming of the Lord. Readings from the Old Testament remind us of the promises of God that are being fulfilled, and the New Testament readings speak to us of the lives of those who took part in the drama of the…

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