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Two Desert Days

Editor’s Note: Lay missioner Rhonda Eckerman describes two days from her time in mission at the US-Mexico border. She dives into the details of her experiences of encountering the harsh realities and hardships of a migrant.  I am in the first months of my border mission here in Douglas, Arizona and recently have had two…

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Day 8: Community

Editor’s Note: Newly commissioned lay missioner, Domonique Thompson, reflects on her experience living within the intentional community of Casa San Salvador. In her brief hiatus between Formation this fall and returning as a DCSC volunteer in January, she highlights some of the best parts of community life in anticipation for coming back to the Casa…

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Rejoice! Rejoice! Emmanuel Shall Come to Thee!

Editor’s Note: FMS Programs Manager, Emily Norton reflects on the unexpected love that has bloomed from a friendship that emerged from an emergency response training. **Names have been changed to respect privacy** “See you Sunday! Safe travels. I love you!” I hung up the phone and reflected on how natural the words “I love you”…

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Love Around A Table

Editor’s Note: DC Service Corps member, Nayeli Garcia reflects on how the simple act of sitting down at the dinner table has shaped her family’s relationships. This Advent season is a time for us to celebrate the coming of Jesus, but it is also a time to celebrate, with family, all of the good we’ve…

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Love Blooms… At the Casa

Editor’s Note: Former FMS Associate and Current House Manager, Amanda Saunders reflects on the lessons that have come from living in intentional community at Casa San Salvador. I have been a member of the FMS family for three years. First, as a DC Service Corps volunteer, and then as the Casa San Salvador House Manager.…

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The Power of Intentional Listening

Editor’s Note: Current missioner in formation, Hannah Hagarty reflects on a life-changing conversation she had while serving at Christ House in Washington, DC and the beauty that can unfold when we truly listen to our neighbors. As a missioner in training, we are given the opportunity to go out into the community and practice what…

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