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OFM Congress: Discussing Mission and Evangelization in the Franciscan Tradition

Communications Manager Bridget Higginbotham kicks-off a special blog series live from Rome, Italy.  It’s a historic week for the Orders of Friars Minor. Their first-ever international congress on mission and evangelization has drawn to Sassone (Rome), Italy, about 200 brothers from around the world – Madagascar, the Philippines, South Africa, Australia, Colombia, Pakistan, Brazil, Canada,…

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Paz y Bien: Living as Minority

The third part of the Paz y Bien nonviolence series by lay missioner Annemarie Barrett:   “Poverty is a way of being by which the individual lets thing be what they are; one refuses to dominate them, subjugate them, and make them the objects of the will to power. One refuses to be over them…

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Challenged to live as Franciscan “Minority”

For this Franciscan Friday post, missioner candidate Annemarie Barrett answers a question discussed in her formation class, “What does the Franciscan value of “minority” mean to my life and relationships?” Throughout our formation thus far, the value of “minority” in Franciscan spirituality has particularly affected me. During our sessions instructed by Fransican religious, I have…

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