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Oscar Romero

Comfort and Joy: Finding Joy in Social Justice

Editor’s Note: As part of our “Comfort and Joy” Advent/Christmas blog series, Programs Associate Katie Rotterman shares the joy she has found through attending Mass at a parish community that deeply resonates with her. I fell in love with the parish community at the Shrine of Sacred Heart in Washington, DC on March 21, 2015 – ten…

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¡Romero Vive, Vive!

“Sentir con la iglesia,” to feel with the church. This was the motto of Blessed Monseñor Oscar Romero. Oscar Romero lived out this life motto as a way to draw himself closer to God through prayer, as a decisive love and service to others, and as a fidelity to the teachings of the Church. When…

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The Light of One: Have a Blessed Day!

Continuing our daily Advent reflection series on the Feast of St. Francis Xavier, Patron of Missionaries. Natalie reminds us that we are all called to witness our faith through mission. Her reflection today focuses on one person’s mission of consecrating simplicity. “Have a blessed day, Ma’am!” It’s a sentence I look forward to hearing every…

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Catholic Heroes — Can’t Get Enough of Them!

Missioner-in-training Hady Mendez comments on some of the media she has been exposed to during formation for mission. “There But For the Grace of God” was the name of a funk/disco song when I was growing up. I remember dancing to the song quite a bit yet never giving a second thought to what the…

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Tools for Fostering Solidarity Through Prayer, Worship, and Preaching

On Wednesdays during this Lenten series, “Walking in Solidarity,” we offer tangible ways you can live out the theme for the week. We offer tips and resources, and encourage you to post in the comments your own suggestions. This collaboration fosters even greater solidarity. This week we’re looking at solidarity through prayer, worship and preaching.…

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