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And it is in dying that we are born to Eternal Life

Editor’s Note: Missioner Joleen Johnson shares a reflection on life and death that she wrote and shared for the Transitus prayer service, which celebrates St. Francis’s passing from life to death, and the deeper meaning she found after her grandfather’s passing a few days later. As a Franciscan Mission Service missioner placed in Kingston, Jamaica,…

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Honoring Saint Francis

Editor’s Note: Missioner Amanda Ceraldi shares what the Feast of St. Francis looked like where she serves in Guatemala. For hundreds of years Franciscans from all over the world have been commemorating the last moments of Saint Francis’ life and his passage to eternal life. Best known as the Transitus, on October 3rd, Franciscan communities from…

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Mission Monday: What is consecrated time?

Credit: Toni Verdú Carbó, flickr Today we feature an excerpt from the blog of Lynn Myrick, one of our lay missioners in Bolivia, in which she ponders the meaning of “consecrated time.” “Recently, I have been seeking a definition of the term consecrated time. I know that the consecrated life refers to the dedicated lives…

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