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Seeing Clearly: Jesus Meets Us Where We Are

Editor’s note: As part of FMS’ Lenten blog series, Executive Director Liz Hughes shares her reflection on the Catholic Day of Action with Dreamers and how that experience allowed her to see Christ more clearly. In this Sunday’s gospel, the people yet again ask Jesus for a sign. “What sign can you show us for…

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McKenna Center session

Portraits of Christ: The Wisdom of King David

Editor’s Note: As part of DC Service Corps, Lizzy Balboa volunteers with Little Friends For Peace, a nonprofit organization that promotes inner and interpersonal peace skills within children and adults. In the third installment of her “Portraits of Christ” series, Lizzy reflects on her experiences at the Father McKenna Center, a Catholic social service agency…

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Dancing in the Dining Room

Editor’s Note: Missioner-in-training Catherine Sullivan shares her experiences of community life and how living with 12 other people has impacted her.  The two most talked-about aspects of our Formation are classes and volunteering. But what has been most formative for me during this process is living in intentional community. As many people know, Saint Francis…

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Lessons through Lax

I was lucky enough to have a tremendous coach when I began playing lacrosse in 2006 at the age of 14. While I wasn’t the slightest bit athletic, or motivated in any way, he found a way to make me both, as I went on to start all four years on an NCAA team and graduate…

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