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Prayers for Christmas: Comfort and Hope


Kathy Snider on mission in Guatemala, 1998 to 2000.
Today’s prayer for Christmas comes from returned missioner Kathy Snider:

“My prayer for Christmas is for those who have experienced loss of a loved one due to death or separation, of home due to natural disasters or foreclosure, of food and due to drought and poverty, of employment due to corporate greed and injustice, of health and activity due to accident or illness, of youth due to the aging process and that God will bring comfort, provision, healing and meaning but most of all HOPE to all in the coming New Year.”

Kathy served in Guatemala’s Ixcan jungle from 1998 to 2000 as a pastrol agent in the Diocese of Quiche. She taught formation to catechists and women’s group in five different villages in addition to serving on a committee for the construction of a local junior high.
Multilingual and multiethnic, Quiche is the poorest department in Guatemala. It was one of the hardest areas hit during the violence of the 36-year civil war that ended in December 1996.
Inspired by her experience with FMS, Kathy co-founded Ixcan Ministries in 2003 to continue her call to a lifelong mission.
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