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Culture and Travel in Bolivia Part 3

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Editor’s Note: Second-year missioner Nate Mortenson currently serves as a teacher and head of the English department at Unidad Carmen Pampa in Bolivia. This is the third and final installment of a special series in which we will share some of the work from students in his class. 

My Typical Day at Palos Blancos

By Veronica Otoya

One day in Palos Blancos we went with my parents and my brothers to the river.

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In the morning before we left, my mother cooked something good for lunch and by noon, we were all ready to have fun with my family. When we were in the river my father had to swim carrying my little sister on his back. It was hilarious.

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We ate lunch and the food was great! We had a fun day together swimming in the river. That day we played all day and had lots of fun as a family. It is the best memory I have with my family.

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All About Me

By Maria Lourdes

Hi, My name is Maria Lourdes and I study Education. My birthday is in May. My family lives in Guanay, Bolivia, but I visit my family in Tomachi durring the vacations.

I love playing volleyball in school. My favorite music is Top Latin. I studied in the U. E. Tomachi High school. I lived in a family happy.

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My Story:

“She Thought She Was Dying”

One morning I woke up early in the morning because, I felt a great pain in my stomach. I felt I could die so I prayed and asked my classmates for help, but the pain continued to increase and the medic took me to the hospital in Coroico.

They did several analysis and they did not know what I had. Then I was told my appendices burst and that they had to do an urgent surgery or I could risk death. They called my parents for permission which they immediately gave.

Then in the evening they prepared my body for the surgery. I was afraid and embarrassed because I thought it was gonna die.

I do not remember anything about the operation and didn’t feel anything. When I woke up it was dark and my boyfriend accompanied me throughout the process until my parents arrived, very worried and crying. I thank God, my family, my friends and my boyfriend for always be supportive to me.

I love you, from Lourdes.

Mary and Nate recently returned from two years of mission at the rural Carmen Pampa University in Bolivia.

Nate, the youngest son of nine, hails from La Cross, Wisconsin. Mary grew up picking strawberries in small-town Minnesota. The couple met at the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire, where Mary studied sociology and outdoor leadership and Nate studied Spanish and geology. They share a passion for food and bicycling, and a desire to set their marriage on a foundation of service, simplicity, and a deeper global understanding.