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Letting Go and Following the Risen Christ



Editor’s Note: On this joyous day of salvation, we are reminded of the promise that lies behind Jesus’ invitation to follow him and walk in his footsteps. 

Alleluia, He has risen!

After these 40 days of sacrifice and waiting, today is one of the most joyous days in the Church year. On this day, we see the fruits of our Lenten practices. We see the freedom, the joy, and the peace that follows this act of letting go.

The image of the resurrection shows us why. Why would we choose a path that is often counter-cultural and includes hardships? Why would we choose a path that asks us to carry our own crosses and walk in solidarity with Jesus? If his path ended with the crucifixion, it would be a lot harder to answer the why question.

But it doesn’t. The horror of the crucifixion is followed by the glory of the resurrection. You can’t have one without the other.

Ultimately, the journey of Lent is a journey of transformation. The glory of the resurrection transforms the suffering of the crucifixion. When we let go and follow Jesus, our past hurts, our current confusion, and our future anxieties are all transformed through the power of God’s love and mercy.

Just as spring awakens and transforms the world around us, so too does the resurrection make all things new:

“In the risen humanity of Christ I find peace and love. But it is not enough for me to simply experience that peace and love within myself or only for myself. It is something that must be shared with all of humanity, all of creation. In every encounter, in every relationship, I should attempt to convey the risen humanity of Christ through my words and deeds. And this experience of the risen humanity of Christ makes all things always new, always presenting fresh opportunities to transform ourselves and our world by following the self-emptying example of Jesus who constantly renews everything he touches because he is always pointing us back to God, back to the true source of life.” – Gerry Straub, OFS

The resurrection gives us a glimpse into the infinite splendor of God; it renews us for our journey and gives us strength through the assurance of eternal life with Christ.

Reflection Question: How will you share the peace and love of the risen Christ with others?

Featured image: photo taken by communications associate Maria Beben

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