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Love Blooms Through an Internship


Editor’s Note: FMS intern, and Don Bosco Cristo Rey student, Cayla Dolet reflects on her time here at FMS and the growth she has experienced.

Just like a blossom in a field, love can bloom. Although, it might take some work, it isn’t impossible. And just like that blossom, love can’t just bloom on its own. It will need help from the elements around it, like the sun and rain, so that it can grow. My time at Franciscan Mission Service is a perfect example of how my love for FMS has grown like a blossom in a field.

My name is Cayla Dolet and I’m a freshman at Don Bosco Cristo Rey (DBCR) High School in Takoma Park, MD. At DBCR, there is Corporate Work Study program where students get to work once a week for an internship to earn money for their tuition. I believe DBCR is a good school especially because they give you a chance to choose what type of place you’d like to work at. And because of that, I received the opportunity to work at FMS.

At FMS, I have been able to do a myriad of assignments that I’ve never experienced before. Though, many tasks have been enjoyable, I’d say the most exciting parts would be working with a computer. I don’t normally get the chance to work with computers because I have technology once a week, so working in this environment is very beneficial in my future. I can certainly say that I’ve learned a lot. Before I started working here, I didn’t know that some functions or websites existed, but with kind co-workers and supervisors who don’t mind answering heaps of questions, it’s easier to be taught things without feeling ignorant or frustrated towards yourself.

You may think that working in an office would be boring or uneventful, but that couldn’t be more wrong. FMS has the most kind and reliable people you’ll ever meet, who’ll help lift up the atmosphere and make you laugh at the most random moments. which makes sitting down at a computer much more entertaining. So far, my time at FMS has helped me ponder about my future and what I can do to help my future. I’ve done projects and have talked to my co-workers about what colleges they attended and how their high school experiences affected them which aided me greatly in my decisions. Since I really enjoy working with computers, I’ve added another option to what I would like to do in my future.

At Franciscan Mission Service, we pray every morning at 9am and after listening to an inspiring prayer every day that I’m here, my faith has changed immensely and has grown stronger. Just by attending morning prayer, I believe that I have grown closer to God. The prayers in the mornings and the stories I’ve heard have really impacted me so much that I started praying more often. Not just for my family and friends, but for my co-workers, supervisors, and for our missioners. And I am very thankful for what they have taught me.

In the beginning, I was skeptical and had a hard time believing that I would be the right student for the job. But I was wrong. Just like a blossom in a field, love can bloom, and my love for FMS has developed tremendously from when I started and I’m more than thrilled to be working here.

Reflection Question: How has God equipped you to “blossom” within a role that at first seemed intimidating?



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