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Advent Day 4: Patience

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Edtior’s Note: In this blog, FMS Board member and secular Franciscan, Laura Rainey, OFS, shares a reflection from “Jesus Calling” that helps her focus and slow down during the season of Advent.

‘Much, much stress results from your wanting to make things happen before their times have come.

One of the main ways I assert My sovereignty is in the timing of events.

If you want to stay close to Me and do things My way, 

ask Me to show you the path forward moment by moment.

Instead of dashing headlong toward your goal, let Me set the pace.

Slow down, enjoy the journey in My Presence.”

–from Jesus Calling, by Sarah Young


Whether standing in line to buy gifts, or sitting in the hospital while a loved one is in surgery, or rushing to finish that last paper before the semester ends, or struggling to understand the current political climate, or waiting for that long light to turn green again, or trying to make it through another Christmas season alone when it seems like everyone around you has a partner…. In this hectic season especially, it’s good to take a breath during these moments and ask God, “What is your plan for me? What can I learn from this thing that is causing me so much stress?” And then it is good to listen – really listen – for the answer. I think that’s the hardest part, stopping our frenetic lives long enough to hear what God is trying to tell us. Because when we allow ourselves to live by God’s clock, we realize that we are not in charge, that God is taking care of us in God’s own time, and that everything  is happening right now for a reason. God will see you through it, if you’re able to let go of the need to be in charge. And in those moments, you learn the depths of God’s love, and the stress melts away.




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