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Advent Day 5: Darkness

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Editor’s note: FMS board member Thomas King offers an excerpt from Sr. Joan Chittister for reflection on today’s Advent theme of darkness. 

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Sister Joan D. Chittister, O.S.B.: an American Benedictine nun, theologian, author, and speaker.

From Joan Chittister:
“Darkness, I have discovered, is the way we come to see
It creates the depressions that, once faced, teaches us to trust. 
It gives us the sensitivity it takes to understand the depth of pain in others. 
It seeds in us the humility it takes to learn to live gently with the rest of the universe. 
It opens us to new possibilities within ourselves.
Darkness is a very spiritual thing.”
Reflection: When has darkness been a spiritual experience for you? How can darkness bring us closer in our relationship with Jesus? 

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