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New Year, New Me


Editor’s Note: DCSC volunteer Airianna Beitler reflects on her past year, in ways that she has grown and still yet has room to grow, with hope for this new year in mind.

“New year, new me.”

This is a the common phrase we hear around this time of year; it is a time of transition for everyone.

A lot has happened during this first month:, I came back to the Casa after spending time with family, we had an Inauguration, and some exciting news for one of our house mates (but I will let her tell everyone when she is ready to share). It is crazy to think that all that has happened in just the first month that and the month isn’t even done yet.

Like most people approaching this new year, I sat down and wrote up some things I would like to change or accomplish moving forward in this new year. I started by reflecting on last year and the goals I had, to thinking about whether or not I accomplished them, or if do I need to continue to work at those things this year. 

As I was reflecting upon this past year, I realized just how much I have grown and how much God has been working in my life lately. I honestly don’t know how I got so lucky with how overall turbulent this year has been. It didn’t look like I would have been able to financially afford swing completing my last year of school, but through God’s mercy I was able to finish my degree and graduate. I didn’t know where I would live and work after graduation, but and I was led to Franciscan Mission Service. Now I have this awesome year of growth and learning here with them, as well as a place to live and work. I will forever be thankful for that grace He gives me. I learned a lot about myself and that it is okay to ask for help when you need it. I have deepened my relationship with God and wish to continue to do so throughout this upcoming year. My goals weren’t all met, but I gained something greater by letting it play out and trusting God even though it wasn’t easy.

In this new year, instead of goals that I have to meet, I have decided to put down things that I would like to work on. So this year, I am working on my relationship with God, setting boundaries, budgeting, and loving myself. Whatever else comes is by the grace of God and I will be thankful for it, even if it is hard to let go and trust in God. 

I look forward to seeing what this year brings me and everyone else.

Reflection Question: What are some areas that you would like to continue strengthening in this new year?

Airianna recently graduated from University of St. Thomas where she studied Social Work with minors in education. She is excited to apply her social work, education and interfaith background in the service for and with others as the US Catholic Mission Service Publication and Communication Associate.