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A Jamaican Music Playlist

Jamaican Music Playlist

Editor’s Note: Lay missioner Joleen Johnson has curated a playlist of songs that reflect the culture of Jamaica.

For this blog, I have created a playlist of some of my favorite Jamaican songs to share with you. Many are folk songs and are sung in Patwah, the local language, so I chose videos with lyrics when I could. The Jamaican National Anthem is a beautiful prayer. Perhaps while listening to the rest of the songs, you’ll get a little hint of Jamaican culture (especially old time culture), of which music is very important and highly valued. Perhaps you can get a taste of the rhythm of the island. These are the songs that I find going through my head the most, and I hope you enjoy them too.  


  1. Jamaican National Anthem
  2. Jamaican Farewell
  3. Day O
  4. Evening Time
  5. Long Time Gal
  6. Three Little Birds
  7. Linstead Market 


Questions for Reflection: Which song from Joleen’s Jamaican playlist inspires or intrigues you the most? After listening to this playlist, what have you learned about Jamaican music, culture, and spirituality? 

Joleen discovered her passion for overseas service during her first mission trip in 2012 to Guatemala. Since then she has served in Haiti and studied abroad in India, teaching English in an elementary school, after which she began to feel the call to longer term overseas service. Joleen is excited to see what God will teach her through FMS, and looks forward to living out His call for her. She is inspired by FMS’s humble and relational approach to ministry.