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How COVID Affects Life in an Intentional Community

Editor’s Note: DCSC volunteer, Airianna Beitler, brings the reader into Casa community life during this time of pandemic through the personal lens of various photos taken thus far.  As everyone is aware, we live in an intentional community. As with any community, it can be stressful at times, but it’s also different this year because…

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Bringing Beauty to the World

Lay missioner Mary Mortenson reflects on her time with an artist cooperative in Cochabamba, Bolivia.  Last year, when I was still stateside, I was exploring and working with clay almost everyday. I rented studio space from the University in Eau Claire and spent 20 to 30 hours there a week. A big part of my…

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The Christmas Challenge: Getting Creative and Simplifying

Our missioner Kitzi Hendricks shares how she challenged herself in her Christmas preparations and hopes you’ll do the same. As the Christmas season approaches, I find myself contemplating the best way to prepare myself for it during my first year on mission. I have found myself turned a little bit upside down without the sounds, the…

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