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How COVID Affects Life in an Intentional Community

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Editor’s Note: DCSC volunteer, Airianna Beitler, brings the reader into Casa community life during this time of pandemic through the personal lens of various photos taken thus far. 

As everyone is aware, we live in an intentional community. As with any community, it can be stressful at times, but it’s also different this year because of the pandemic. As you may have read from my other housemates, for the first two weeks we self-isolated and wore masks in the Casa. This community is so close due to the pandemic that we rely on each other for support, friendship, community and a source of home away from our families. We have community night every Monday and we take turns planning that night; we eat dinner together; we have faith formation on Tuesdays; Thursdays are for community meetings, where we discuss things happening in the coming week. We have made our own adventures within the guidelines that we have set forth for COVID. Some, but not all, include movie nights, birthday parties, a groom-al/bachelor party, a “Club Alien” dance party, visiting the National Zoo, and touring the National Mall. The most recent adventure, however, was our murder mystery dinner night–yet another creative way we are keeping each other entertained and safe during these times. 


Here, I thought you would enjoy a glimpse into some of the adventures we have done so far.

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Airianna recently graduated from University of St. Thomas where she studied Social Work with minors in education. She is excited to apply her social work, education and interfaith background in the service for and with others as the US Catholic Mission Service Publication and Communication Associate.