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A November Hush

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Editor’s Note: DCSC volunteer, Bekah Galucki, invites the reader into her relationship with the Lord through a series of photographs. Emphasizing the transcendentals, she encourages a moment of relief and rest in hearing His whispers of the heart.

We, in the FMS community, are gifted with the opportunity to write about our experiences. And for this month, while I could write something deep or prophetic, I would much rather take a pause. A pause to turn back to Him who has gifted any and all depth and wisdom that we possess. Just simplicity piercing into our overly self-complicated days. The whispers of “My child, be still and know.” 

With the hushed peace of His voice, I personally find myself hearing Him in nature and the world that surrounds me. My relationship with the Lord is not a vacuum, but rather the lifeblood from which all things flow. He is in every part of my day, whether I recognize it or not. These are minor snapshots of the times I could slow down to hear Him, with His goodness that transcends beyond my limited scope and opens my heart gently. 

In these photos, the Lord and I are actively and mutually saying, “I am yours and you are mine.”

I have stumbled upon these little moments, too moved to not try and capture. 

Please enjoy looking through these photos I’ve taken during my time here, and try to slow down. Listen to some peaceful music. Find one that really speaks to you and sit with the image, transporting yourself into that moment. No filters or explanations necessary, only mutual invitation.

Quiet the noise of life and hear Him say “Rest, my child.”

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I pray that we are open to His transcendental love, allowing Him to expand our hearts and pierce through our liminal humanness. Help us to surrender the thoughts that cloud our minds and turn to You, who delights in us endlessly. Help us to rest in You.



Bekah graduated with a B.F.A. emphasizing Graphic Design from the University of Georgia. Creativity has always been a part of her, from a small Crayola-crazed toddler to a grown designer given a client brief. While the world whirls around her, she takes great faith in re-centering herself around the small, little ways that great love can show. Often inspired by the saints, she hopes to bring light to this life through community, empathy, laughter, and joy. This may include, but not be limited to, impromptu art projects, new evangelization through design, imaginative analogies, and a desire to meet others where they are at. To quote her near and dear sister, St. Therese of Lisieux, “My vocation is love.”