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father’s day

A Letter to My Dad

Editor’s note: In celebration of Father’s Day, Missioner Misty Menis-Kyler shares a letter she wrote to her dad and reflects on how, in his life and his faith, he is an amazing role model for her. Dear Dad, I have written and re-written this letter so many times, but I just could not find the…

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Donor Story: Leadership and Service of Art McNeill

Arthur T. McNeill Franciscan Mission Service is grateful for the support of our donors from around the world and of all walks of life. This Father’s Day, we honor Art McNeill, a father of three whose life of service touched many. In 1963, Arthur McNeill took his 8-year-old son Thomas to the National Mall to…

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Happy Father’s Day – Ministry of Presence

Richard Nalen encourages nap time with two girls, Noemi and Natalia, that are being treated for burns at Mosoj P’unchay, part of the Franciscan Social Center located in Cochabamba, Bolivia “‘Zeechard, no te vayas,’ whines Marcos, who expresses dissatisfaction as I near the door. He is my two-and-a-half year-old friend, although my wife Kristen once…

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