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mariam kaldas

Looking Forward, Looking Back: Board Dinner / Mariam’s Going-Away Celebration

Saturday, June 7, was a bittersweet day in the history of Franciscan Mission Service. As the Board Committee met that afternoon at the Franciscan Monastery to discuss the future course of the organization, the members of the office were at Casa San Salvador down the street, setting up for a dinner to honor the passing…

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Report: Kim and Mariam Visit Missioners in Bolivia

On December 4, Franciscan Mission Service Director Kim Smolik and Associate Director Mariam Kaldas traveled to Bolivia for twelve days to visit the current missioners and provide a retreat for them. Annemarie Barrett, Kitzi Hendricks, and Jeff Sved are the current missioners serving in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Annemarie works in a parish garden with local women and…

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Short-Term Mission and Global Awareness Trip Announcement!

Associate Director Mariam Kaldas tells you everything you need to know about the upcoming Short-Term Mission and Global Awareness Trip. Several weeks ago, executive director Kim Smolik and I returned from establishing a trip to Bolivia, and we are very excited to share with the itinerary with you. The trip is May 2-11, 2014 (both…

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The Light of One: To Be and Not To Do

Continuing our daily Advent reflection series, Associate Director Mariam Kaldas writes about discipleship as presence, not accomplishments. I hadn’t heard the phrase “ministry of presence” before I came to Franciscan Mission Service. It seemed like a revolutionary concept, until I realized that it had already been modeled for me during my own mission in Zambia.…

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