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Short-Term Mission and Global Awareness Trip Announcement!


Associate Director Mariam Kaldas tells you everything you need to know about the upcoming Short-Term Mission and Global Awareness Trip.

Several weeks ago, executive director Kim Smolik and I returned from establishing a trip to Bolivia, and we are very excited to share with the itinerary with you.

The trip is May 2-11, 2014 (both the 2nd and the 11th are travel days). We believe it will be an incredibly strong program, with participants gaining a better understanding of sustainable agriculture, poverty, and the culture of Bolivia.

Surrounding countryside of Cochabamba

We will be participating in the annual Festival of Santa Vera Cruz Tarata, a pilgrimage site where thousands of Bolivians gather to commemorate the beginning of the agricultural season in the valleys of Cochabamba.

We will return to this site after the festival to spend time in the organic community garden with one our missioners, and live out care for creation in the Franciscan perspective.

L) Missioner Annemarie Barrett in the community garden that is part of her ministry and R) Director Kim Smolik

Another one of our missioners will give us an insider’s perspective on the penitentiary system in Bolivia and take us into the prisons to speak with some of the incarcerated.

In Carmen Pampa, we will tour both a coffee plantation and a coca farm, and learn about political implications of both these crops.

With Franciscan themes woven throughout, this trip will certainly immerse you in the rich culture and expose you to many layers of global poverty that affect Bolivia today.

Apply now: Deadline is January 15!

If the trip interests you, but you have more questions, feel free to give me a call: (202) 832-1762 Ext. 4. or email me: mariam@franciscanmissionservice.org.

Mariam Kaldas is Associate Director of Franciscan Mission Service.

We prepare and support lay Catholics for two-year international, one-year domestic and 1-2 week short-term mission service opportunities in solidarity with impoverished and marginalized communities across the globe.

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