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Mission Monday: Be A Part of Our Classroom

A chair. A desk. A book. As any educator or student knows, the proper learning environment and materials are keys for success. In our classroom, lay missioners learn about Scripture, prayer, Franciscan spirituality, Catholic Social Teaching, conflict resolution, cross-cultural adaption and more. The 13-weeks of formation in Washington, D.C. are essential in preparing them to…

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Identifying the Cause: A Candidate’s Reflection on the Caravan for Peace.

Our formation class attended the Caravan for Peace event when it came to D.C.  Paul Heinzen shares with us his reflection of the event and how it relates to the greater issues of drug trafficking. Photo taken from http://www.drugwar101.com/blog/archives/199 On September 10th, I attended a presentation by the Caravan for Peace, concerning increased citizen casualties…

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Finding and Sharing Perfect Joy

The three members of our 28th Lay Mission Class have begun their training in Washington, D.C. Candidate Jeff Sved reflects on his formation so far. Over these first few weeks with FMS, one theme has continued to demand my attention. It has continued to surface during our various formation sessions and to dominate my personal…

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Mission Monday: Learning to listen

Today’s post is taken from the blog of missioner-in-training, Kitzi Hendricks. Kitzi is nearing the end of her 13-week formation in D.C. and will leave for mission in Bolivia in January. One of Kitzi’s photos of the homeless. “The concept of sitting and listening isn’t always easy for me. As I have witnessed over the…

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