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Day 23: Movement

Editor’s Note: DCSC volunteer Emily Dold shares her experience with learning yoga and the meaning of “peace” within movement.  I would like to begin this blog by saying how wonderfully sneaky the Lord is in how He has led me to reflect on movement and has helped me connect it to His Divine plan. I…

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“God, You and I Dance.”

Editor’s note: Madeline McKissick, FMS Development Associate, reflects on her passion for dance and that correlation to the Lord’s relationship with each of his children. The beauty of the combined movement, the giving and taking between two entities, and the goodness of new creation from mutual reciprocity.  I began taking dance classes when I was…

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Nourishment through Movement

Editor’s note: DC Service Corps volunteer, Erin Brown, reflects on the therapeutic nourishment of habitual running. She looks holistically into how exactly this movement brings about refreshing clarity, including fresh eyes to her relationship with the Creator. A personal introspection of the theology of the body.  For about four years now, I have wanted to…

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Franciscan Friday: The Franciscan Family Tree

Explaining the Franciscan “family tree” is no easy feat. The simple man from Assisi inspired and attracted so many people to his Gospel-driven lifestyle over the centuries, and each person has found (or created) his or her own place in the vast movement. Whether male or female, religious or lay, professed or just interested in…

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